Thursday, December 15, 2016

Co-conspirators' List Narrowing?

The latest news in the Wake Forest football imbroglio is that several intrepid reporters have been hard at work narrowing the list of potential schools that Tommy Elrod may have offered the Deacons' offensive plays to prior to games.

Based on the sentence contained in the initial press release by the Wake Sports Information Director that the school, during its investigation, had "notified all the appropriate entities related to these [Elrod's] activities" several newspapers (seemingly most successfully the Raleigh News and Observer) and other media outlets (including Sports Illustrated) have been inquiring of the schools that Wake played over the last three years if they were contacted by Wake during its inquiry.

You can follow along at as N&O reporter Joe Giglio keeps a running tally of the schools. The latest list at the time I posted:

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"X" means that the school was not contacted by Wake, and as a result, we may be able to assume, that Wake did not have any electronic evidence in turn that Elrod had contacted, or attempted to contact, them offering inside information.  Note the red check marks by Louisville and Army, both of which have now admitted that they were informed by Wake of concerns during its investigation.

The pattern that seems to be emerging, also thanks to Giglio's great work (who says investigative journalism is dead? well, me, for one, for the most part) is that Elrod served as an assistant coach with others who are now on the staffs of ... you guessed it, Louisville and Army. And one more school with its box as-yet unchecked. Indiana.

Wake played Army each of the past three seasons, winning in 2014 and 2015 before falling to The Black Knights (beginning to take on a whole new meaning, isn't it?) this year in Winston-Salem, at homecoming, 21-13. If Army did have contact (particularly if it occurred as early as 2014) and notified no one in response it will be exceedingly troubling given the pride that it takes in its honor code:

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Not to mention the fact that its football program appeared to have turned the corner this year by beating Navy for the first time in 15 seasons.

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